29 Roadster PU


To scour the nation for Model A's,
vintage speedsters and V8's
Early Ford speed equipment and parts.

As we sell cars and parts to support our habit,
we'll share our finds with other old Ford addicts.

Let us know what you have or are searching for.

Bob Mather   Boise, Idaho

C O T T O N ' S    G A R A G E
208 891-7186
Updated 8/15/13
The barn in Boise.  Home of
cotton's garage.  The
roadster PU was my first
since high school.
My second Model A.  This car
was built by Jim Barbee of
Maple Valley, WA.  I've made
a few improvements.
29 Roadster PU
Not a Model A but still a Ford
Driving along the Columbia River
First stop at my
brother Jim'
Home in Boise
July 30, 2010
This is going to be
my next project.  I
have a chassis ready
for this truck cab.  
When completed it
will should be a nice
little pickup.

April 2011

Fall 2012

Bob and his Fords
These are the three V8's I found this
year.  The 4 door '34 came from a barn in
Minnesota.  I found the '34 Roadster in
New Mexico and the '36 coupe was in